SBI offers its clients foundational preconstruction services that enhance the prospects for a successful project.  Preconstruction services include the identification of the scope of work; completeness of drawings; a careful review of existing site conditions; sustainability review; budget development and value management.

SBI has made significant investments in state of the art technology such as REVIT, NavisWorks, Innovaya to pull all of these processes and factors together during preconstruction. The technology enables a more sophisticated level of communication with the entire project team of owner and trades elevating constructability, cost control and minimizing surprises during construction.


Constructability reviews are critical and will address the owner’s operational requirements in a preconstruction assessment of site conditions in order to validate assumptions and to plan for site logistics that will ensure both constructability and ongoing operational needs.  SBI’s resources include a “Green Team” of LEED Accredited Professionals and skilled MEP coordinators.


Owners respect SBI’s estimating resources.  SBI’s estimates enable owners and design teams to reliably plan a project’s construction phase.  To ensure market accuracy, the company’s estimating is based on its extensive historical database; its experience within each of its key market segments; its knowledge of current market conditions supported by its prequalified subcontractors and by CSI-Division based computerized systems.


SBI will evaluate assumptions and alternative systems within the design intent with the objective of reducing costs while ensuring and increasing project quality.


Standard Builders is on the leading edge, using BIM during Preconstruction and Construction phases.  Coordination and total system modeling ensure a more efficient final installation from both a constructability and beneficial use perspective. The ability to analyze this information during the design phase is critical when considering the trade-offs between the costs of construction and the cost of system operation and maintenance.​



Services Overview

Preconstruction Phase

Site Assessment

    • Owner Requirements

    • Validate Assumptions

    • Existing Conditions

    • Site Logistics

  • Estimating

    • ROM-GMP

    • Innovaya, Revit, Timberline

    • Real-Time Updates

Scope Validation

  • Value Management

    • Energy Efficiency

    • Design Review

  • Long Lead

    • Early Release

    • Pre-purchase

  • Constructability

    • Design Coordination

    • Ongoing Operation / MEP Systems

  • Sustainable Practices

    • Recycling / Waste System

    • IAQ

Procurement Phase​

  • Bid Package Development
    • Prequalified Subcontractors

    • Self-Perform

  • Documentation

  • Communications

    • ISqFt

    • Addenda/Prebid

    • Supplements/RFI

  • Bid Leveling

  • Scope Review

  • Apparent Low Bidders

  • Low Qualified Bidders

  • Unit Prices

  • Audit Trail