Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is the latest technology in the construction industry and Standard Builders is using this application to enhance the ability to save owners time and money on construction projects.  By adding the power of virtual design coordination, we bring renovation construction to the next level by identifying change order risk that would not have been detected without 3D modeling capabilities.

Coordination and total system modeling ensure a more efficient final installation from both a constructability and beneficial use perspective.  The ability to analyze this information during the design phase is critical when considering the trade-offs between the costs of construction and the cost of system operation and maintenance.

4D and 5D technology maximizes the potential of computer tools in the design and construction process:

  • 4D simulation is a constructability analysis tool that supports MS Project and improves coordination, communication, and produces optimum construction schedules.  4D technology simulates construction activities synchronized with scheduled tasks.
  • 5D integrates CAD with Timberline Estimating and MS Excel to produce visual quality takeoffs.  5D identifies design changes and updates quantities in real-time. 5D can also assist in developing cash flow analyses and calculating labor hours.

Standard Builders is on the cutting edge, using BIM to realize both tangible and intangible benefits across our construction projects. We’ve proven that this integrated process vastly improves project understanding and allows for predictable outcomes.​






Added Value realized through BIM

  • ​Resolution of Constructability Issues

  • Prefabricated Assemblies

  • Real-Time Cost Estimating

  • Reduced General Conditions

  • Shorter Construction Schedule

  • Higher Quality

  • Enhanced Value Management

  • Reduced Change Orders

  • Lower Subcontractor Pricing

  • Simulation of Site Logistics, Demolition, etc.